A complete IAM solution

ActiveCMS is a user-friendly and flexible system for managing identities, tokens, and many kinds of resources. It automates authentication processes, is scalable to suit changing needs, and can be flexibly customised. This means that ActiveCMS will quickly adapt to support your processes – without any compromise on security.

ActiveCMS is a diversified, adaptable and cost-effective solution for identity and access management (IAM). ActiveCMS supports all kinds of identification media, all the way to PKI enabled electronic ID cards. Its highly refined automation and various customisable elements mean that ActiveCMS can be applied to anything from the smallest local needs to the management of extensive multinational systems. The browser-based interface is user-friendly and can be tailored to correspond to the necessary scope and variety of use. ActiveCMS supports a wide range of databases and organisational structures.


ActiveCMS is built to scale and adapt well for all kinds of systems.
  • identity and access management (IAM)
  • visitor management
  • lunch payment
  • centralised management system
  • token management
  • work time tracking


Adapts to your current operations

The system is customised to your needs, with the aim of supporting your existing operating processes. It makes no sense to buy a system with limitations that force you to change good practices or prevent you from freely implementing new needs.

Ease of use

ActiveCMS provides guidance to the operator at all stages. The user interface is intuitive, minimising the need for operator training. Tailored user interfaces help in optimising the user experience for larger number of end users.

Customisable with new functionality

ActiveCMS helps you implement new functionality, such as paying for lunch or accessing a car park with existing user IDs, for example. Today many public organisations use PKI technology in their electronic ID cards. ActiveCMS fully supports this technology. These cards can be harnessed to increase security in areas like login to workstations.

Guaranteed security

ActiveCMS can implement a multi-stage decision-making process to streamline the workflow without compromising the security. The decision making is based on roles, which makes it easy to adapt to changing situations. There can be a pool of decision makers, of which a certain number of people need to accept before a process continues. This makes virtually any decision-making process feasible.

ActiveCMS secures all sensitive information to prevent unauthorised access. Data connections are also secured, and protected against outside access. The system maintains a security log, the extent of which can be configured.

Continuous flexibility

All ActiveCMS system processes are customisable, which means that they can be connected to existing systems, as well as systems that may be added at a later date. This adaptability means it is well set for utilising and supporting systems that you already have in use.

Automatable processes

The automation of routine tasks and decisions brings cost savings and significantly reduces the risk of human error.

User data (identity) management

ActiveCMS contributes to the management of personal data by offering automated interfaces that connect to HR systems, databases and many other systems. It is even possible to completely automate the allocation, adjustment and removal of access rights.

ID card life cycle management

The system administers the entire life cycle of tokens, from entering data to granting, personalising and cancelling cards. The system supports all kinds of cards, from plain plastic cards to RFID and chip cards. ACMS also works with a number of different certificate authority (CA) systems.

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