Automating token production and processes

Active Process Manager (APM) turns card management and personalisation into a simple action, involving data collection, user rights allocation, card personalisation and personal data updates in one single operation. APM fully supports electronic ID cards and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). APM is also very well suited for automating procedures involving databases and services.The ingenious structure based on modular functions allows the application to be adapted to almost any process.

APM is a complete solution for managing and personalising tokens. It can also be used to automate various kind of processes, and integrate information systems. What is revolutionary about the system is its structure. Building blocks, or modules, are joined together as necessary to build the desired functionality. More than a hundred different modules are available. APM is installed in a Windows workstation, and it also controls a wide selection of card personalisation related peripherals.


A simple, modular software for all companies that use and manage electronic ID tokens.
  • permissions offices
  • self-service stations
  • RA (Registration Authority) stations
  • information verification
  • process automation


Easy to use

The simple, customisable user interface focuses only on essentials. Even complex processes are shown to users only in the form of simple data entry and operation start-up.

Incomparable functionality

The modular software structure makes APM very flexible. More than one hundred components are already available, with extensive support for PKI, diverse peripherals, databases and services such as LDAP or AD.

High level of security

APM can be used to create all kinds of ID tokens from simple stickers or plastic cards to secure RFID tokens or PKI enabled electronic ID cards. All sensitive data in the process can be protected from unauthorised access. Also the operators can be strongly authenticated, either with a password or a PKI smart card.

Master of automation

When any one of the APM functions is activated by the operator, the application carries out all the related tasks automatically. All the operator has to do, is to enter the initial parameters and press the start button. For example, when creating an electronic ID card, all the actions are carried out in a predetermined order automatically: Data collection from the necessary sources, personalisation (electronic and visual) of the card, and exporting of the created data to the necessary systems. The actual process can consist of tens of individual phases that also exchange information.

The functionality of a process is achieved by joining the necessary modules together in the desired order using a graphical user interface. The execution order can also be controlled programmatically. The modules are also linked together by data: Each module can produce or consume information. The data flow between modules is also configured graphically. When the needs or peripheral equipment change, the modules can easily be re-arranged or changed.


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