Self-Service Photography System

This fully automated photography device provides flexibility for a hectic workplace, as it allows users the freedom to take their own ID card pictures at the time that best suits them. Users get to choose the best shot, which is then automatically optimised according to its purpose of use. PhotoBooth can also collect other information from the users.

PhotoBooth is a fully automated system for taking ID pictures, which can be used at any time of day. Any user can take their own picture without assistance or training. PhotoBooth is based on Aventra’s Active Process Manager, so the finished photographs can automatically be delivered to the exact place they are needed.


The fully automatic photography system gives the user the freedom to take their own ID-card photo.
  • self service photography
  • visitor management endpoint
  • id-card kiosk
  • student card issuing


Adaptable to the space

PhotoBooth can be placed in various kinds of facilities, as it can be installed on an electrically adjustable stand or even on an ordinary desk. The equipment includes a high-quality camera with sufficient specifications for taking pictures in ordinary lighting, but a flash can also be connected if necessary. The device can be directly plugged into a card printer, so that ID cards for personnel or guests can be printed immediately.

Reduction of work phases

Each PhotoBooth user logs in to the device before taking a picture, so the pictures can be directly associated with the correct personal data in the system. This cuts work phases and reduces human error. The device can also ask the user for various kinds of additional information, if necessary.

Choice of the best picture

The PhotoBooth guides the user through all stages of the process. Four pictures are taken in each session, and the user is able to choose the best shot or decide to take a new session. After the picture has been chosen, the machine crops it, finishes it according to predetermined parameters, and imports it into the system.

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