Explore Aventra's history from the past 20 years.

2004 - Aventra is founded

In 2004, four visionaries set out to build something extraordinary. After their former workplace closed down, leaving them at a career crossroads, they decided to team up. Their mutual passion for chip cards and process automation fuelled their ambition, leading them to unite their skills and resources in pursuit of a fresh start. And so, they began their adventure together. 

2004 - First foreign customer

In the same year, their dreams took flight as they secured their first foreign customer, marking the beginning of their global expansion.

2005 - MyEID PKI smart card

In 2005, they introduced the MyEID PKI smart card, setting the stage for a series of innovations to come.



2005 - Active Process Manager

With the launch of the current Active Process Manager in 2005, their company’s portfolio grew stronger, being one of the first in low-code workflow tools.

2005 - Insta and Fujitsu team up with Aventra

This caught the attention of industry giants like Fujitsu and Insta, who quickly became their flagship clients.

2006 - MyEID Dual Interface

In the years that followed, things got busy, and in 2006, they came out with MyEID Dual Interface.

2007 - Timo Markkula steps into the role of CEO

Timo Markkula started his role as CEO in 2007, marking the beginning of a new era in leadership.

2007 - Finavia becomes Aventra's customer

As their team expanded with the addition of external expert recruits in 2007, so did their clientele. Notable names like Finavia joined their roster of customers.

2008 - The first Mifare delivery

In 2008, they made their first Mifare delivery.

2009 - ActiveCMS

The introduction of ActiveCMS in 2009 further solidified their position in the market, paving the way for international success.

2010 - The first foreign PKI customer

By 2010, they had secured their first foreign PKI customer, signalling their growing presence on the global stage.

2011-2014 - Acquiring new customers and implementing innovative solutions

The years that followed brought a string of achievements, from groundbreaking implementations in healthcare to milestone deliveries in public transport and at the Karolinska Institute as an example.

2015 - The first RFID delivery abroad

In 2015, they achieved a significant milestone by making their first RFID delivery overseas.

2015 - Fotokiosk

In 2015, they also introduced the compact photography terminal Fotokiosk, adding another product to their lineup

2017 - The 10-employee limit is exceeded
2019 - A new platform for the MyEID card is launched
2019 - Aventra employs a staff of 15
2021 - Jan Sjöblom starts his duties as CEO

In 2021, Jan Sjöblom assumed the role of CEO, infusing the company with a new vision and steering it towards innovative horizons.

2021 - A major player in the vehicle industry initiates a partnership with Aventra

That same year, they began a significant collaboration with a major player in the vehicle industry. Their longstanding expertise in high-security, identity, and access management, coupled with advanced knowledge in cyber security and cryptography, perfectly aligned with the customer’s stringent requirements. This partnership not only exemplifies their capability to meet complex challenges but also underscores their commitment to leading the way in secure technological advancements.

2022 - Aventra's team has grown to 20 employees
2023 - Rebranding

As they expanded, they sought to refresh their brand to mirror their forward-thinking and modern business practices.