Robust solution for user identification and data & location protection.

Aventra’s MyEID PKI Smart Card is the ultimate way to identify users and protect sensitive information securely. 

MyEID can be used for a range of purposes: logging on to workstations, websites or VPNs, and securing data with digital signatures and encryption. MyEID suits well also for IoT device authentication, enabling secure remote device management and updates. 


ID card solutions tailored to your specific authentication needs and requirements

MyEID is available as contact, hybrid and dual interface smart cards, and in SIM form factor. It can be combined with various access control technologies. MyEID is built on JavaCard™ technology and follows global standards. 

Strong authentication

Our solution enables strong identification and authentication for people, IoT devices, and vehicles using Public Key Infrastructure. Aventra MyEID Smart Card keeps your private key safe using proven algorithms and chip technology dedicated to fulfilling the highest security requirements. With Aventra’s solutions, you can manage the issuance process and life cycle of MyEID smart cards and other PKI-based IDs.

Smart Cards

Experience enhanced security and convenience with smart cards. These credit-card-sized devices store and process information, making them ideal for use in a variety of applications, including secure identification, financial transactions, and more.


Smart Card Readers

Enhance security and functionality with smart card readers. These devices allow for secure, encrypted data transfer between smart cards and computers, making them ideal for use in high-security environments.


RFID Readers

Streamline your data collection process with reliable and efficient RFID readers. These devices allow for quick and secure wireless transfer of information from RFID-enabled cards.


Card Accessories

Upgrade your card management with a range of card accessories for added security, convenience, and style. Choose from options like lanyards, ID holders, and retractable reels to enhance your card experience.



Shop for solutions that allow taking and choosing photos, with automatic optimisation and storage features.


Let’s simplify your security needs

Our solutions and products enhance organisational control over personal, equipment, and asset identities through versatile, adaptable solutions tailored to diverse needs.

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Our unique products are designed for a range of identification needs, for maintaining safety with high-end security, and for automating everyday functions on-site and electronically. We do this with high-end ID processes, authorisation technology, and access tokens.