We help organisations keep devices and identities secure with standardised solutions tailored to different needs.

Identity and Facility Access Management

Secure your business and employees

Managing employees’ access rights during their employment period is fundamental for every business. Our solutions ensure that the right people have the right access to your systems and facilities at the right time.


Vendor Management

Manage your external employees and work

A robust vendor management system saves you time, money, and resources. Our solution helps you to report data to authorities and manage workers’ qualifications.


Visitor Management

Make visitor management easy

Offer your visitors secure and smooth access while monitoring relevant data. Our visitor solution makes events pleasant from pre-registering to guest arrival and registering.


Cryptopgraphic Key Management

Secure access control solution

Managing cryptographic access keys is a fail-safe solution against unauthorised access to your facilities. Starting from a thorough threat analysis of your business, our complete key management solution gives you full control to generate, store, renew and delete access keys.


Token Management Automation

Secure system for access token generation

Token personalisation and reader equipment are mandatory when securing your business-critical facilities and devices. Our solution allows you to create personalised ID cards and tags.


Expertise in Public Key Infrastructure

We specialise in Public Key Infrastructure, a key component of high-security environments. Our core solutions include automated identification technology, electronic ID access, and vendor management systems.


Tailored Solutions for a Wide Range of Clients

Our clients come from both the public and private sectors, including libraries, public transportation, the automotive industry, and healthcare. We offer unique solutions supported by advanced technology not found elsewhere.

Let’s simplify your security needs

Our solutions and products enhance organisational control over personal, equipment, and asset identities through versatile, adaptable solutions tailored to diverse needs.

Explore our products

Our unique products are designed for a range of identification needs, for maintaining safety with high-end security, and for automating everyday functions on-site and electronically. We do this with high-end ID processes, authorisation technology, and access tokens.