19 May 2020

Aventra’s and Versasec’s technology partnership

Aventra and Versasec are now strategic technology partners. Aventra’s MyEID PKI Smart Card has been verified to be compatible with Versasec’s vSEC:CMS software. By cooperation Aventra and Versasec ensure that the products integrate seamlessly and their users have the best possible user experience when using them together. Read our joint press release here.

About Versasec

Versasec is a leading provider of state-of-the-art highly secure identity and access management solutions. With its flagship product, vSEC:CMS, Versasec eases the deployment of physical and virtual smart cards for enterprises of any size. Versasec's solutions enable its customers to securely authenticate, issue and manage user credentials more cost effectively than other solutions on the market.

Versasec maintains its mission of providing solutions that are affordable and easy to integrate, coupled with first-class support, maintenance, and training. Versasec customers include HSBC, Tieto, Raiffeisenbank, Hornbach, Daimler, Australia's Department of Defence, European Commission, Qualcomm, eBay, Saudi Aramco, IMF, L'Oreal and Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi. Versasec has offices in Sweden, Dubai, Singapore, the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

Versasec's products and services can be purchased and delivered worldwide through an extensive reseller network and via the Versasec web site:

8 Apr 2020

Aventra Oy Prepares for Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic affects all of us and Aventra takes all possible measures to minimise the effects. We carefully follow all instructions given by the Finnish authorities.
Currently there are no changes in our operations. For the time being, there are no effects on the production or delivery of our cards, equipment, or services. However, this might change when the pandemic continues to spread.
Due to the rapidly developing situation, we have made precautionary plans to ensure business continuity. We are also prepared in case that part or all of our employees are incapable of working.

Aventra follows all official authority guidance and we will update the instructions to our employees accordingly.

Employees are instructed e.g. :

  • To cancel all their business travelling.
  • To limit visitor access to our sites, except for goods transportation.
  • To work at home whenever possible and the majority of us are working remotely.
  • To hold all meetings online.
  • To limit travelling or attendance at events on their free time.
  • To pay additional focus on hand hygiene.
  • Not to come to office, if sick.
  • To stay at home, If sick or have any symptoms of flu.
  • To inform their supervisor, if sick.

In addition, office cleaning is improved and quick internal communication channels have been created. Aventra also has a disaster recovery team, including members of management, HR and employees, to prepare for possible pandemic.

We are monitoring the situation closely and will give an update to our customers and partners in case of any changes.

7 Feb 2020

APM is now Active Process Manager

APM version 3.5.3 has been released! Development of APM began in 2004, aiming to create a flexible system for smart card personalisation. Today APM is used for many other purposes besides the original. Keeping the familiar acronym, APM has been renamed from ActivePerso Manager to Active Process Manager, to better reflect its wider usage possibilities as a generic integration and process automation platform.

Some examples of use cases:
- Automating transactions between integrated data systems (web services, databases)
- Automatic verification of competences and qualifications of healthcare personnel
- Controlling a self service photo kiosk and integrating it to an access management system
- Monitoring the validity of certificates with automated expiration reminders to users

More information can be found here.

17 Oct 2017

Security flaw in smart cards

A severe security flaw has been detected in some smart cards and TPM chips, concerning millions of people and devices. More information can be found here:

The flaw in question does NOT concern the majority of smart cards supplied by Aventra. The problem is only in chips supplied by Infineon. Most of our cards are based on NXP technology, not having this flaw.

If you have any questions about this, please contact our support at

1 Jul 2016

Aventra’s new MyEID smart card is unique in its features

The MyEID electronic ID card has been updated to version 4. Many new features include ECC encryption, new driver software, and a unique possibility of PIV emulation.

MyEID is the first smart card that is both PKCS #15 and PIV compatible, sharing the same internal data. This makes MyEID suitable for a wide spectrum of applications, such as workstation logon, electronic signatures, and thin clients.

The new ECC encryption, based on elliptic curves (ECC, Elliptic Curve Cryptography) is much more efficient than RSA. Both ECDSA and ECDF algorithms are supported. Higher security can be achieved with shorter processing times, since already 256-bit ECC is more secure than a 2048-bit RSA, but quicker to perform. This makes transactions faster, and increases throughput significantly when personalising a batch of cards.

The driver software now includes a Microsoft minidriver, fully compatible with the version 7.07 specification, as well as PKCS #11 interface and a CSP compatible driver. MyEID smart card is also supported in OpenSC.

There are many other new features, like native Windows mechanism for unblocking the PIN, secure PUK entry based on challenge-response, DES and AES support, just to name a few. The new MyEID version 4 is naturally fully compatible with previous versions of MyEID.

MyEID cards are available in our webshop. Download the brochure  or contact us with email

13 Jun 2016

Aventra enters into partnership with Gemalto

Aventra has signed a partnership contract with Gemalto. The Cipher Partner status of Aventra and the access to the full product portfolio of Gemalto enables us to significantly strengthen our position as a leading supplier in the Identity and Access Management sector. The partnership also paves the way for Gemalto to increase its revenues in Aventra’s home market.

We have added e.g. Gemalto .NET cards to our webshop. Gemalto .NET cards are an excellent choice for high security applications. The comprehensive product portfolio of Gemalto includes a wide selection of security related products, such as hardware and smart card based security modules.

Please contact CEO Timo Markkula, +358 400 461097, for more information.

22 Apr 2016

Aventra has twice the reason to party

Aventra has already been in business for 12 busy years. We are still not a major company, and we never wanted to be one. We want to continue knowing all our customers and listening to them with an attentive ear. By keeping all out assets in our own hands, we can include our customers and their views in our development process, of which we have always been proud.

To celebrate our birthday, we have completely overhauled our website, which now represents even more accurately our operations in a modern environment. While we still value our customer's security and needs as much as we have for more than ten years, we want to show that we have a tight grip on the business of the present day. This year is going to be very hectic, since we are also reworking our webshop, but more about its release later.

Aventra wishes you a good spring!

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