Active Process Manager

Your trusted system for access management and token production.

Automate your security processes


Active Process Manager(APM) is an innovative solution for automating security-related processes. With APM, you can automate your company ID issuance, key management, and other IDM and security-related tasks. APM handles both visual and electronic IDs and can combine photography, printing, and encoding in a flexible way. 

1. Used by organisations with a need for top-level security in the industrial, financial, healthcare, aviation, and governmental sectors.

2. Combines photography, electronic ID creation, and printing to speed up the process and reduce human errors.

3. Self-service option saves costs in large organisations, like educational institutions.


Flexible and innovative technology

With APM, configuring a personalised process for your organisation is flexible and user-friendly, thanks to our innovative low-code approach. In addition, APM can be used either in a Windows workstation or as a web service running on a server, serving many clients simultaneously. 

1. Flexible and customisable for your organisation’s security needs.

2. Improves security and reduces training needs.

3. Can create tags for multiple access control management systems.

Versatile features to improve efficiency

APM has versatile features for encoding PKI smart cards and access control tokens like MIFARE® DESFire®. In addition, APM’s integration capabilities enable user data collection from external sources, including Aventra’s ActiveCMS 

Technical features:

1. Innovative plug-in-based architecture.

2. Can be integrated with web services, databases, and Active Directory.

3. No need for complex and hard-to-maintain configuration files.

4. Can be combined with Aventra’s ActiveCMS.

What can you achieve with Active Process Manager

Token production automation
Managing all steps of access token production with ease

Products for Active Process Manager

Smart Cards

Experience enhanced security and convenience with smart cards. These credit-card-sized devices store and process information, making them ideal for use in a variety of applications, including secure identification, financial transactions, and more.


Smart Card Readers

Enhance security and functionality with smart card readers. These devices allow for secure, encrypted data transfer between smart cards and computers, making them ideal for use in high-security environments.


RFID Readers

Streamline your data collection process with reliable and efficient RFID readers. These devices allow for quick and secure wireless transfer of information from RFID-enabled cards.


Card Accessories

Upgrade your card management with a range of card accessories for added security, convenience, and style. Choose from options like lanyards, ID holders, and retractable reels to enhance your card experience.



Shop for solutions that allow taking and choosing photos, with automatic optimisation and storage features.


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