Cheers to 20 years: Let’s rewind and relive our most memorable moments!


As we celebrate 20 years, let’s take a moment to look back and remember where it all began, recalling the important milestones along the way. 


Trace Aventra’s journey through a timeline!


Once upon a time, in 2004, four visionaries set out to build something extraordinary. After their former workplace closed down, leaving them at a career crossroads, they decided to team up. Their mutual passion for chip cards and process automation fuelled their ambition, leading them to unite their skills and resources in pursuit of a fresh start. And so, they began their adventure together. 

In the same year, their dreams took flight as they secured their first foreign customer, marking the beginning of their global expansion. In 2005, they introduced the MyEID PKI smart card, setting the stage for a series of innovations to come. 

With the launch of the current Active Process Manager in 2005, their company’s portfolio grew stronger, being one of the first in low-code workflow tools. This caught the attention of industry giants like Fujitsu and Insta, who quickly became their flagship clients. The subsequent years saw a flurry of activity, from the development of MyEID Dual Interface in 2006 to the appointment of Timo Markkula as CEO in 2007, ushering in a new era of leadership. 

As their team expanded with the addition of external expert recruits in 2007, so did their clientele. Notable names like Finavia joined their roster of customers. The introduction of ActiveCMS in 2009 further solidified their position in the market, paving the way for international success. 

By 2010, they had secured their first foreign PKI customer, signalling their growing presence on the global stage. The years that followed brought a string of achievements, from groundbreaking implementations in healthcare to milestone deliveries in public transport and at the Karolinska Institute as an example.  

As their team expanded over the years, surpassing 10, 15, and 20 employees in 2017, 2019, and 2022 respectively, they stayed committed to their goal of continuous improvement. In 2021, Jan Sjöblom assumed the role of CEO, infusing the company with a new vision and steering it towards innovative horizons. That same year, they began a significant collaboration with a major player in the vehicle industry. Their longstanding expertise in high-security, identity, and access management, coupled with advanced knowledge in cyber security and cryptography, perfectly aligned with the customer’s stringent requirements. This partnership not only exemplifies their capability to meet complex challenges but also underscores their commitment to leading the way in secure technological advancements.

Their hard work is set to pay off soon when their MyEID smart card receives certification, marking a significant milestone in their story. 

And so, as they looked back on their journey, from humble beginnings in 2004 to the present day, they knew that their adventure was far from over. With each milestone reached and every challenge overcome, they remained steadfast, their commitment unwavering. In every effort, they remain loyal to their founding principle ‘Simply Secure,’ ensuring that as they continue to influence the future of their industry, they prioritise simplicity and security.

Two decades since our founding, we’re genuinely thankful for the enduring bonds we’ve built with our customers and partners. Insta, one of our earliest allies, sums up our journey:

Aventra has proven to be a dependable long-term partner, competent tackling even the most demanding security challenges. Our partnership has enabled substantial growth for both parties.

A big thank you to our customers, partners, and colleagues for being with us every step of the way. As we continue to innovate and grow, we are excited about the opportunities ahead and invite you to join us in shaping a secure and promising future. We look forward to what the next 20 years will hold — cheers! 

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