Aventra unveils new brand and website


We are excited to announce the release of our new brand and website! The rebranding and website overhaul that started in 2022 is an important milestone on our journey as our company has been growing.


The foundations of the brand renewal

Founded in 2004 by four people with a vision of securing identities and making token management easy, Aventra has since expanded into diverse PKI, electronic identification, data security, and identity and access management services.

Our primary purpose remains unchanged: to be a trusted service and solutions provider with the highest standards. With the new visual identity, we set to clarify to a wider audience the impact of our services and products in different industries.

The core concepts of the new identity stem from security and identity management, combined with visually interesting textures, an expanded colour palette, and imagery, that displays the industries and people our solutions and products have a positive impact on.

The new Aventra logo

The new logo, with its negative spaces, symbolises Aventra’s core concepts of identity and access management in abstract way, as it hides part of the shapes of the letters.

The renewed colour palette

The renewed colour palette consists of natural colours of darker and lighter contrast.  We used the existing palette as a starting point but broadened to give it more variety for different use cases in the future.


Texture and visual image concepts

The same concepts as in the logo apply to our new style of visual imagery. The texture can be combined with our brand colours and imagery to create compelling and cohesive visuals.

The renewed website

As part of the branding project, we did a complete overhaul of our website. We hope that you enjoy the clear navigation and clarified presentation of our services, as well as the impact that we and our clients have in different industries! The website continues to grow in content steadily and will provide more information and knowledge about identity and access management, as well as the cybersecurity industry as a whole.

Stay tuned for more applications of our new brand on our Linkedin channel and our products in the future!



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