Aventra has twice the reason to party


Aventra has already been in business for 12 busy years. We are still not a major company, and we never wanted to be one. We want to continue knowing all our customers and listening to them with an attentive ear. By keeping all out assets in our own hands, we can include our customers and their views in our development process, of which we have always been proud.

To celebrate our birthday, we have completely overhauled our website, which now represents even more accurately our operations in a modern environment. While we still value our customer’s security and needs as much as we have for more than ten years, we want to show that we have a tight grip on the business of the present day. This year is going to be very hectic, since we are also reworking our webshop, but more about its release later.

Aventra wishes you a good spring!

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