Aventra Oy Prepares for Coronavirus


The coronavirus pandemic affects all of us and Aventra takes all possible measures to minimise the effects. We carefully follow all instructions given by the Finnish authorities.
Currently there are no changes in our operations. For the time being, there are no effects on the production or delivery of our cards, equipment, or services. However, this might change when the pandemic continues to spread.
Due to the rapidly developing situation, we have made precautionary plans to ensure business continuity. We are also prepared in case that part or all of our employees are incapable of working.

Aventra follows all official authority guidance and we will update the instructions to our employees accordingly.

Employees are instructed e.g. :

  • To cancel all their business travelling.
  • To limit visitor access to our sites, except for goods transportation.
  • To work at home whenever possible and the majority of us are working remotely.
  • To hold all meetings online.
  • To limit travelling or attendance at events on their free time.
  • To pay additional focus on hand hygiene.
  • Not to come to office, if sick.
  • To stay at home, If sick or have any symptoms of flu.
  • To inform their supervisor, if sick.

In addition, office cleaning is improved and quick internal communication channels have been created. Aventra also has a disaster recovery team, including members of management, HR and employees, to prepare for possible pandemic.

We are monitoring the situation closely and will give an update to our customers and partners in case of any changes.

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