Aventra’s new MyEID smart card is unique in its features


The MyEID electronic ID card has been updated to version 4. Many new features include ECC encryption, new driver software, and a unique possibility of PIV emulation.

MyEID is the first smart card that is both PKCS #15 and PIV compatible, sharing the same internal data. This makes MyEID suitable for a wide spectrum of applications, such as workstation logon, electronic signatures, and thin clients.

The new ECC encryption, based on elliptic curves (ECC, Elliptic Curve Cryptography) is much more efficient than RSA. Both ECDSA and ECDF algorithms are supported. Higher security can be achieved with shorter processing times, since already 256-bit ECC is more secure than a 2048-bit RSA, but quicker to perform. This makes transactions faster, and increases throughput significantly when personalising a batch of cards.

The driver software now includes a Microsoft minidriver, fully compatible with the version 7.07 specification, as well as PKCS #11 interface and a CSP compatible driver. MyEID smart card is also supported in OpenSC.

There are many other new features, like native Windows mechanism for unblocking the PIN, secure PUK entry based on challenge-response, DES and AES support, just to name a few. The new MyEID version 4 is naturally fully compatible with previous versions of MyEID.

MyEID cards are available in our webshop. Download the brochure  or contact us with email  sales@aventra.fi

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